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Infinite Kinetics

Tony Fondren, LMT, NMT. - Learn more by contacting directly at 419-342-0195 Learn More



Rooted in Health & Wellness, LLC.

Calorie Density - How to Eat More and Weigh Less.  This class will teach you how to eat a larger volume of food for less calories.  If you are trying to lose weight, this class will give you great tips to make weight loss easy and not leave you feeling deprived or on a restrictive diet.

The Importance of Gut Health - We will review how things can go wrong in the digestive system, what causes digestive issues, how your digestive health can affect   so many other parts/processes in your body, such as your hormones, blood sugar and immune system.  Heather will provide steps you can take to improve your digestive health.  

Heather L. Harris, RD, LD, CPT.  - Learn More

Cross My Heart by Holly Cross

Luxurious Natural Products for You and Your Home to learn how to incorporate safe and natural products into your daily life.  Learn the importance of using Goat’s Milk soap and the amazing benefits it has for you and your whole family.  Choose a scented goat’s milk soap to take home with you and enjoy some delicious snacks and wonderful shopping at Gina’s Art and Garden.

Holly Cross  - Learn More

Stay Healthy Naturally

Learn how essential oils can keep you and your family healthy this winter.  Doterra essential oils are an effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support.  Learn about On Guard, an oil blend that is a first line of defense for immune support, and how Lemon oil kills off viruses.  The antibiotic of oils is Oregano!  Come enjoy a review of this interesting topic and take home a related gift bag.  

Kerry Hite, R.N. - Fee $50

Giving Furniture a New Life and Look

Do you have a special piece of furniture that you really don't want to part with?  Or did you find one you love, however the finish doesn't go with your decor?

Gina will walk you thru a fun tutorial on using Chalk Paint or Milk Paint to get that new look you are seeking.  We will go thru some recommendations and techniques. 

Gina Keeler  - Fee $35  Learn Mor

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