About - Gina's Art & Garden

Gina's Art and Garden strives to be a memorable experience for each customer whether your visit is a few minutes or several hours.  Our diverse product line is tailored to appeal to you regardless of your unique and personal decorating style.  We want your every visit to bring a sense of enjoyment in a relaxed atmosphere.   

Our products include: refurbished and repurposed furnishings for your home and garden, as well as an expansive selection of art prints that can be customized, group and personal photography sessions by appointment, seasonal produce and fresh cut flowers, along with potted plants and more.

STARTING SUMMER 2022 - We will host opportunities for you to walk, sit and relax amid the Shoppe gardens. Share a visit with your family and friends.  Be sure to register with your email so that we can keep you informed of events and other special opportunities. 

The Art

Pieces of various mediums are scattered about the Shoppe.  Many canvas or framed prints created from Gina's photography during travels near and far.  A vast selection to provide special pieces custom ordered to fit your room and space, will soon be available for viewing on a Shoppe kiosk.  Meanwhile enjoy the pieces currently on display.


The Garden

Gina's Art and Garden is the culmination of a long-time vision that has evolved.  It was fed and fostered by an ever-changing life journey.  The innocence of a sweet little granddaughter busy baking with her grandma exclaiming 'Grandma, someday could we open a little bakery that will be a HAPPY PLACE for people to come'.  That grew to precious drawings by her and two additional granddaughters (drawings will be added to this site).  

When Gina was all of 7 years old, she attended to customers at the family's roadside stand on Talmadge Road in Toledo.  The family grew and presented a fine selection of fruits and vegetables.  Everything had to be clean and of optimal freshness as well as quality.  Customer service was a priority then and remains so now.

Years into her own Health Administration Career, it became a goal to establish her own business and in so doing to include other family and friends.  Along the way there have been other retail experiences that have proven to enhance the vision and delivery of services.  These numerous refinished furniture pieces were previously available at the former Interior Traders on Reynolds Rd as well as in Vintage Groves on Louisiana Ave in Perrysburg and most recently on Old State Line Rd in Swanton.

Summer 2021 provided an unexpected opportunity to purchase a unique home and property at 8334 Hill Avenue, Holland Ohio 43528.  While we investigate and entertain a more permanent location for the retail aspect, the Hill Avenue property offers a lovely setting for gathering.  The lavender and rosemary are being relocated into gardens that will be created in Spring of 2022.  The opportunity to walk and relax among them will be present.  

Our vision includes vast beds of lavender and other herbs along with a variety of perennials, fruits and vegetables.  Many of these items will be available for sale at the Shoppe.  Stay tuned....as we grow!  


Photography Services

Book an appointment for your family or personal photography on site or location of your choice.  More details forthcoming. (Gina offers a flat hourly rate and specializes in outdoor settings using natural lighting- call for more details.)

A Note of Introduction from Gina

My life has been filled with the beauty of lush, colorful floral and vegetable gardens amid the ever-changing landscape of large families.  The opportunity to grow up in a substantially farm-based family occupation, brought a deep appreciation of our important relationship to the Earth.  A frugal upbringing brought with it a respect for the seasons, making the best use of resources, a strong work ethic and a penchant for delivering quality - friendly customer service.

Several years ago, I was personally confronted with a life threatening and life altering cancer diagnosis of leukemia.  Through that journey more invaluable lessons were learned, including a deeper awareness of enhanced nutritional and life style changes.  Family and friends became an even more important part of my life and survival.  Being surrounded by flourishing and colorful gardens gave solace to my spirit.

The culmination of these and many more invaluable life experiences continue to be major contributory factors with the creation of this Unique Shoppe comprised of a diversified team of talented artisans.  Watch us as we grow!