Tutorial Gallery

Coming Soon! You will find a variety of pieces which were custom orders, sold pieces we fell in love with, or items that inspire. Galleries will come following the launch of the website. 

 When Updating, lets also add a slide show near the bottom of the home page.

We have a vast collection of photography for you to choose from.  Stay tuned.

Photo Gallery [BETA 081620]

To edit this and the content of this page, go to DASHBOARD > Pages, under Online Store. Then go to the Gallery Page.


Examples of Galleries with their settings...

[Gallery 1 - Alignment: Center, Image Size: Medium 240x240 from the "uploded images" gallery]

Heading "Wedding Photos"



Size Options:









1024 x 1024

2048 x 2048

Content Tools:

Content Tools are your best friend when it comes to editing your page. I'll explain its use for a gallery.

[A ↓]  Formatting - with options "paragraph, Heading 1-6, and backquote". - For Text Only



Heading 1 - 6----------

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4
Heading 5
Heading 6


[Bold], [Italics], [Underline] - Text Only

Lists and Dents - Photo and Text

Bullet List, Numbered List, and In/Outdent

Bullets and Numbers are great for listing things or quickly providing information. While Indents and Outdents adjust the alignment and placement of items on a list. 

Bullet List 1 Title

  • Ex1
  • Ex2
  • Ex3
    • SubEx1
    • SubEx2
      • Sub2Ex1

Number List 1 Title

  1. Ex1
  2. Ex2
  3. Ex3
    1. SubEx1
    2. SubEx2
      1. Sub2Ex1

Alignment & Text Color - Photos and Text

Alignment tells the content which way to land on the page. Text usually is Aligned Left or Center. Photos are usually centered, but some cases it may not be. 

◄◄Left Align◄◄

►►Center Align◄◄

►►Right Align►►

Color is Text Only. There are 2 options for color, "Text" and "Background"

Text: Yellow, Red, Blue Lavender 

Background: Yellow Red  Blue  Lavender 

Combined:  White Text/Black Back

Link, Table, Image, Video, Clear

Add a link... add a table/spreadsheet/form/grid... images were already covered above... video can be used... clear will set all formatting options to default.